Born 1960 in London and since 1982 Resident in Germany.

I am a self-taught Artist and am constantly expanding my education and knowledge through the regular participation of workshops and Schooling in Germany and in England.


To achieve a wide portfilo of different procedures skills I have had the fortune to have had lessons with many contemporary internationally and nationally recognized artists such as:

Thomas Koch, Iain Stewart, Till Warwas, Astrid Volquardsen, Martin Kinnear (Norfolk Painting School), Corinna Zschau, José Fumero, and Janusz Duda.

From whom I have, thankfully, learned so much. I will continuely attend Courses, Seminars and Workshops form  prestigious Artists. 


Painting has completely changed my whole life. A day does not past without me participating in one form or the other with Art and Painting. For me Painting is the air to breath and I’m happy when I’m painting.


I would like to animate people through my art to look more consciously and accurately at Mother Nature, a tree is not only brown and green! I think if you do one becomes such a reverence for her beauty and all her diversity that one would not dare to destroy it through War, Abuse and Exploitation but to protect and respect her.


"Look at Nature and admire all her beauty and diversity, see her conciously, protect and respect her and your reward will be Peace!"


Visitors are always welcome  to visit me in my Studio.


Please, call prior, 05743-928868 or email:


Thank-you, for taking an interest in my Art


Yours sincerely





Member of:


Kunst in der Provinz e.V.



SAA (Soceity All Artists)